Turkey Farming

There are essentially two different types of turkey farming out there. One farm is that which is used for profit, which is one of the more common. Then there are those who raise turkeys as a hobby. Whichever you are running, it is very important that you have the right housing, the right equipment, and the right feed.

Choosing the right housing is imperative to raising your turkeys properly. It would be a good idea to make sure your have about 100 square feet so that your turkeys have plenty of room to run. In addition tot hat it would be a good idea to have welded wire flooring as well as chicken wire on the sides and top. The metal grate flooring will allow your turkeys to produce waste without soiling the floor, but you could have a concrete floor if you wish.

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On that note, it is never a good idea to use a wood floor when turkey farming simply because wood tends to absorb liquid, and quite honestly you will never get the smell out. In addition to that, you should have litter material. This will include bedding, straw, or even crushed corn cobs.

Heating your turkeys is also very important. If you have quite a few, then it would be best to heat them using a 250 watt lamp. Make sure that it is several feet off the floor so that the turkeys do not run into it and possibly burn themselves. Also take care to keep the cord from becoming exposed. It is possible for your turkeys to peck through the cord, and if it is low enough, they might manage to strangle themselves with it.

As far as feeding goes, you could purchase a hanging feeder, or you might construct one of your own. The great thing about a turkey coop is that you can build nearly anything by hand out of average household materials. The same will go for the water as you will be able to create your own waterer from an average two liter bottle.

Feeding your birds can be a bit more complicated. For the first eight weeks they should be fed starter rations, and then they should be provided with grower rations. At fourteen weeks, they should be provided finisher rations, which they will eat for the rest of their lives.

Remember when you are turkey farming that your birds cannot always stay in their pen! You will need to provide them some freedom so that they get their exercise and remain fit. Create a fenced in area which they can roam freely, and ensure that it is secure so they cannot free themselves.

Remember that there are plenty of predators out there that would be happy to get their jaws on your precious birds. That being said, it is important for you to keep an eye on your birds and make sure they get the best treatment possible.

Turkeys can be used for a number of different applications, from simple pets to Christmas dinner. Raising them properly is essential, and it’s really not that hard to do. Make sure you follow the instructions above, and ask for help if there is anything you don’t understand. It can be difficult, but it’s also quite fun when done right!

If you would like to raise turkeys I would recommend reading the book How To Raise Turkeys. It not only covers which foods to feed your turkeys but it covers a lot of other issues that are important to your turkeys health.

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