Turkey Care

Turkeys are large birds part of either the Wild Turkey species or the Ocellated Turkey. Our domesticated turkey comes from the Wild Turkey group and this is the species eaten in The United States and Canada. Some people raise them to sell then change their minds once they have them as a pet. Turkey Care is fairly stress free.

As you Turkey Care, you must keep the turkeys separated from the chickens because the chicken might be carrying an organism that could potentially be fatal for turkeys.

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In looking for your first group to raise, look out for crooked legs and look around for signs of any diarrhea. Many put antibiotics in the water so they don’t become dehydrated and die. Of course many raise them from the eggs with great success.

If you choose to be self sufficient, remember that all of the turkeys will need to be artificially inseminated because their breasts are too large.

The Turkey Care will vary some what depending on whether you are growing organic turkey or another type. Turkeys have a primitive brain and will eat any thing they can swallow! Try to provide healthy alternatives such as, commercial game, bird feed, acorns, seeds, small insects, wild berries and grass.

You’ll have to stick to the organic foods if you decide to go organic turkeys. Alfalfa has been highly recommended. Watch out for processed items and pay attention to any medications.

If you are looking to incubate their eggs, schedule to collect them three times a day. Don’t store them for more than a week. Remember to turn them at least three times daily. Their eggs hatch in twenty eight days. After about seven weeks, they can be outside and roam.

Turkeys are a staple for any holiday dinner or family gatherings. The turkey meat is delicious and healthy. It is recommended that for the best Turkey Care you raise a group of five turkeys.

Turkey is high in L-tryptophan, an amino acid. This what gives everyone the calm, relaxed feeling after eating a turkey dinner, just like the first Thanksgiving Dinner years ago.

The first few months require more attention but they are much easier to raise after that.

People love to eat turkey, especially free range. You can make a good profit selling your turkeys live or taking them to the butcher and have it prepped in freezer bags ready to cook or put in the freezer for later use.

If you would like to raise turkeys I would recommend reading one of two books. The first is How To Raise Turkeys.  How To Raise Turkeys not only covers which foods to feed your turkeys but it covers a lot of other issues that are important to your turkeys health. It is a downloadable ebook and is well worth the read.

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Another great book worth checking out is Poulty Health And Management.

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